Sick of investing your time and money in marketing that has no impact on  your bottom line? 

In this 6 week self-paced mastermind course you'll discover the same marketing strategies I have personally used to generate over 300 new leads since 01 Jan 2020.  
  • Save money: Stop wasting money on marketing that doesn't generate leads 
  • Generate new leads: Discover how to create a lead generating machine - your new 24/7 business development manager
  • Restore profitability: Turn your business into something that serves you and you family
  • Gain immediate access: Dive in and begin learning when it suits you
  • ​ Replicate a proven system: stop trying to reinvent the wheel, follow the sale system that allowed me to double my revenue in A single year
  • ​100% Money Back Guarantee: if you're not completely satisfied I'll gladly refund your money 

My name is Daniel Brown and up until 3 years ago I just like most aspiring financial advisers across the country, I may have been just like you.

I’d made the decision to cut the cord and leave the comfort of the large advice business I’d been working with for the 10 years prior, and I was determined to make it on my own. 

With a fresh suit, a fresher haircut, and a head of steam I set about ticking off the list all of the things I thought I needed to do to get my new business humming along.

Thankfully for me I did get some things right, admittedly more thanks to luck and good fortune than careful planning. But unfortunately, I got even more things wrong – to the point where my new venture almost sank, just 6 months into her maiden voyage. 

Not wanting to join the thousands of other financial advice businesses that lay ruined and rusting on like ships on the ocean floor I knew I needed to find a way to make it work. So I started where I stood and I did something that’s easier said than done – I asked for help.

See the problem for me was never motivation, or willingness to put in the hard yards, it was never confidence in my ability to deliver great advice, or to offer great customer service, my problem was I had been taking marketing advice from people who knew nothing about my business.

I took the advice of marketing consultants who didn’t understand the market I was operating in, and who didn’t understand the mindset of the clients I was trying to attract. 

Most of all they failed to see that in the world of financial advice, building trust is something that matters above all else and is something that must be earnt and cannot be bought no matter how big your google adwords budget.

After investing a small fortune in failed marketing activities and ad campaigns that went no-where, I hit rock bottom. And at that point I had a choice, to give up and return to the safety of a job, or to look for a new way of doing things.

Reflecting on how far I’d come, I decided to have one last go at it. I began to search for people who could show me the steps I needed to take in order to become a success.

I enlisted the help of a coach, someone who was an expert in marketing, branding and sales, and I began to consume an enormous amount of valuable information on these 3 critical topics - I got educated and discovered a new way of generating leads.

Instead of continuing with a piecemeal approach to growing my business, with the help of my coach and the knowledge I had gained, I came up with a wholistic plan that would allow me to take things to the next level. 

I began to focus on the things I could do to get my dream clients to know me, like me and trust me – before they had even met me. 

I began to focus on providing potential clients with value before I asked for the sale. 

And I began to focus on building a valuable brand not a week-to-week google adwords  campaign.

And the result? 

I could only describe it as ultimate business transformation. My new approach to marketing changed my business from something I had begun to resent, to something that now provides me with everything I had ever hoped it would.

And whilst there have been plenty of epiphanies and ‘aha’ moments along the way, the thing that surprised me most is how simple it really is to generate new leads once you know how. 

I put together this lead generating masterclass to help advisers master marketing that actually delivers results. Breaking it all down your journey from where you are to where you want to be is nothing more than a series of simple steps. 
To your success,
 Daniel Brown 

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